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New Merchandiser Orientation

Hi Everyone,

This is my second blog post about Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser opportunity. I haven’t been as active as I should be promoting my business because I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my introductory kit!! I can’t wait until it gets here!! Supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I will be providing some video content going over everything that I receive.

Since I last wrote I have attended a New Merchandiser orientation webinar. It was only a 30 minute presentation, but it got me excited about the opportunity ahead of me and I even started filling up my cart with some smaller purchases that I can use while promoting my business. I have been trying to come up with how I will be able to continue to maintain a presence online and start gaining some traffic to my boutique. I have  decided that I will have to start sticking to a schedule that forces me to post certain things every week. Setting a schedule seems like the key here. I have a few goals that I’ve set, the first is booking a pop up. So I am currently looking for a host that would like to get some free jewelry and have some fun with their friends while looking at some adorable jewelry. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I absolutely love the blues and yellows in the new summer collection, and I’m super stoked to be getting them at 50% off right now so I can start showcasing all the great options for the summer months are sure to follow shortly.

The other thing that I got to do thus far is pick a mentor. I chose someone who had a specialty in marketing on social media, because I would like to be making most of my sales online and I need help with my marketing campaign. I don’t want to be bombarding all my Facebook friends with posts about the jewelry and become that annoying person that we eventually just block posts from, but at the same time I want to get the word out if there is anyone who may be interested in the jewelry. It’s a hard balance and I’m still struggling with feeling comfortable reaching out in that manner. I hope that soon I will get over the fear of rejection and just start making posts, or come up with a less invasive way to tell people about the new business.

Once I get my kit I will be able to take picture of myself in the jewelry and post them to my Facebook page. Then I will be able to launch my business and perhaps book a pop up to see if I can get people excited about the shop. I have bought a planner and begun to start marking out what posts I want to be working on and posting on a regular basis in order to start getting some traction and be noticed. I am looking into video and was wondering if anyone has any tips on shooting a quick fun video.

Thanks for checking in! I will keep you posted.


Oh did I mention how excited I am to get my jewelry tomorrow?!?! I am sure I will be posting pictures tomorrow evening about all the lovely pieces, so stay tuned!

Laugh and Be Happy – it’s the best way to be


Check out Erica’s Boutique if you want to see the jewelry I am referring to. And please post any comments below I will try to respond as soon as I can!